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LOC Consultants Civil Division Inc. is a full-service engineering firm located in Austin, TX. LOC Consultants was founded in 1991 by Sergio Lozano-Sánchez. LOC provides a wide range of services in the disciplines of civil, structural, and environmental engineering to clients around the Greater Austin Area. Throughout 30 years of uninterrupted service, the company has grown and built a reputation marked by reliability and dedication towards community development. The office now boasts a highly productive and collaborative environment where team members excel, and clients feel welcomed.

Our Services

Civil Engineering

A dedicated team of engineers, architects, urban planners and engineering technicians bring unique perspective to all projects, for both public and private sector clients. We pride ourselves on our expertise and ability to provide multi-disciplined civil engineering and the highest quality service to clients regardless of the size of the project. A genuine interest in client needs, helping their business grow, and seeing their goal achieved is the incentive that drives LOC's own success.

Civil Engineering

Water and Wastewater Infrastructure

LOC offers complete engineering design services for water and wastewater systems. At LOC we recognize the importance of adequately planning this essential infrastructure as it is vital for sustaining the economic and social viability of communities.

Water and Wastewater Infrastructure

Additional Expertise

• Site Selection Support • Due Diligence and Feasibility Reports • Zoning Applications • Drainage/Floodplain Studies • 3D Modeling and Rendering • Construction and Project Management • Structural Design • Traffic Control Plans • Expert Testimony

Additional Expertise

Permitting Services

LOC has extensive experience on a wide variety of projects in the residential, commercial, institutional and industrial fields. Our planning staff and project managers work closely other professionals such as architects, city planners, environmental reviewers, and traffic specialists to obtain the necessary permits to develop and execute plans in accordance with governmental requirements.

Permitting Services

Land Development

LOC provides complete site development design and engineering services. LOC’s staff has extensive background in land development for both public and private sectors. LOC strives to meet the client's needs while minimizing costs and environmental disturbances.

Land Development

Subdivisions and Site Plan Development

LOC provides our clients experienced guidance to streamline subdivision and site plan approval processes. LOC is prepared to assist our clients whether they are subdividing a small residential lot into two lots, laying out a master planned community, or transforming undeveloped land into their envisioned project.

Subdivisions and Site Plan Development

Our Team

Sergio Lozano-Sánchez, P.E.

Luis Granillo, E.I.T.

Lauren Rein, E.I.T.

Cheryl Gudat

René González

Mayra Posada

José Leyva

Juan Pablo González

Paloma Mazón

Martha Navarro

Sara Briseno

Marco López

Jesús Díaz

Jeanette Veliz

Nic Valero

Itzel Díaz

Madison Rodríguez

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